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Unlocking the Future of nft

Empower your unstoppable winning streak in our groundbreaking NFT Collection, where GAMEFi meets Play-to-Earn at the ultimate crossroads.

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Unlocking the Future of nft
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Our collection of 10,000 NFTs is randomly generated on the Binance Smart Chain, offering 100% unique visual characteristics. Each NFT boasts its own distinct blend of seven parameters: metal, augmentation, augmentation color, pattern, stone, planet, and star. The rarity rank of each NFT is determined by its specific combination of these 37 traits.


Currently, our NFTs are not available for purchase. To be among the first with access to NFT sales, get whitelisted through our official website. Once minting begins, whitelisted community members will get early access to HoG NFTs. Minting will later open to all users.


After the minting sale, the buyback function will be accessible in your account. You can sell your NFT to Deus ex Machina for up to 100X with just one click and permanently burn it. Deus's purchase price depends on rarity, with precious stones holding greater value.


Don't rush to sell to Deus. When Heart of Gold hits the secondary market, you may find even better offers. Alternatively, use your NFT as an entry ticket for the upcoming members-only Super Lottery, offering unbelievably high coefficients for your NFTs.

The rarer your NFT, the more Deus ex Machina will pay you.


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Chat with the community

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Embark on a visual journey to discover NFT masterpieces. Explore 10,000 remarkable options, each ready to captivate your imagination. Visit the Gallery to explore their unique visual characteristics and rarity ranks.


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First mint event: 10,000 unique "Heart of Gold" NFTs, each with the potential for up to 100X profit upon resale to Deus ex Machina. Whitelisted users get priority access, after which the opportunity opens to all community members.

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Post-mint, NFT holders can sell their "Heart of Gold" NFTs back to Deus ex Machina, potentially earning up to 100x initial price; these NFTs are then permanently burned. Alternatively, holders may sell on the secondary market or save for exclusive Super Lottery access.

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New "Heart of Gold" NFTs will launch on various blockchains, with official announcements on our website and social media. Beware of fakes; only official HoG NFTs ensure winnings.

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Get ready for the exclusive Super Lottery for "Heart of Gold" NFT holders, offering high buy-back rates and a huge prize pool. Holding a HoG NFT is your entry ticket to this event.

our team




Forbes-featured marketing expert with 6+ years of experience in the web3 industry, ex-Huobi.




Leading developer teams for the past 6 years, with 4+ years of expertise in the realms of crypto and web3 technologies.



Art Director

Over the last 10 years, has been curating exceptional designs and creative concepts for the very best brands in the luxury market.



Head of Design

With 13+ years of design experience, has collaborated with industry giants in FMCG, crafting exceptional web designs.



Lead Front-End Developer

16+ years of industry experience, including a dedicated 4+ years in web3 development.



Content manager

10+ years of experience in the global fintech, Europe's Best Content Marketer 2021.



Community Manager

An 8-year experienced Community Manager with a passion for the blockchain industry, nurturing robust communities for renowned crypto startups worldwide.



Business analyst

A seasoned Data Scientist with 5+ years of experience and a PhD qualification.


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